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Pessumae Christi 4

Volume four in the ‘Pessumae Christi’ series.

Jenny demonstrates the unique nature of the Pessumae Christi to some important visitors, under the watchful eyes of her Master, and learns more from Brother Francis about her own desires when he makes her dominate and punish her best friend…and she likes it.

Jenny learns that Father Sinclair is using her as a reward – passing her around his most favored acolytes. This pleases her greatly, but be careful what you wish for. Jenny learns this lesson well when she discovers it’s not only her Master who can offer her to his friends. The enigmatic Bishop Carmichael reenters her life, only to turn it upside down.

This 16,000 word story continues Jenny’s erotic journey, and features searingly-hot FFM and MMF encounters where both Jenny, and her friend Claire, are pushed to their limits.

Warning: If you are offended by the idea of dominant, lecherous priests having their wicked way with slutty, submissive nuns, this story is probably not for you.

Pessumae Christi 3

Volume three in the ‘Pessumae Christi’ series.

Jenny instinctively dislikes Bishop Carmichael, but such a powerful figure can have her whenever he wants, whether she likes it or no.

Her best friend Claire volunteers to turn a twosome into a threesome, but Claire can’t come with her when the bishop summons Jenny to a gala dinner for some wealthy benefactors of the church – an event where the bishop has a very special reward planned for his rich friends.

This latest, nineteen-thousand word story in the Pessumae Christi series features a steamy mff threesome, and a scorchingly-hot gangbang during which Jenny is introduced to the pleasures of erotic humiliation.

Warning: If you are offended by the idea of dominant, lecherous priests having their wicked way with slutty, submissive nuns, this story is probably not for you.

Trust in Darkness
(BDSM Erotica)

She wears a blindfold, but that’s for their benefit, not hers.

Tonight, she will be given to a group of strangers; men she’ll never meet, and never see. Master will keep her, and her secret, safe. But can she really go through with it?

It’s always hard for a submissive to find a Dom she can truly trust. Imagine how much harder it is to find such a man if you can’t ever look him in the eye.

It’s taken a long time, but she’s finally found him, and tonight he’s letting her fulfill her ultimate fantasy.

Join her on a night that will indulge all four senses beyond her wildest dreams, as she finally learns to trust, in darkness.

This 12,000 word erotic short story features a sizzling BDSM gangbang with a wicked twist.

Kelly, Trading Favors
(MFM Menage Erotica)

Kelly’s always been a good girl…but she’s working on it.

College life is a lot more exciting than small-town Iowa, but when her roommate talks her into shoplifting, things go horribly wrong and Kelly ends up hiding out in an adult theater showing very, very dirty movies.

When the guards catch up to her and threaten to call the cops, Kelly needs to decide just how bad a girl she’s prepared to be.

This 8,000 word erotic short story features a hot MFM threesome in an adult movie theater, and a good girl learning that being bad can be so much better!

Kelly, Begging Forgiveness
(Spanking Priest Erotica)

After the disastrous shoplifting incident that led to a hot threesome with not one, but two hunky security guards, Kelly’s strict conscience has her worrying about the state of her immortal soul.

She decides to confess to the rather forbidding priest in the old chapel, but Father Donovan has very old-fashioned ideas about discipline, and what constitutes a suitable penance. A harsh spanking across the altar is only the start of an encounter that will leave Kelly thoroughly chastised…and not at all chaste.

Warning: This story contains religious themes. Please don’t buy it if you’re likely to be offended by lecherous, blaspheming priests taking thorough and graphic advantage of naive but willing young college girls.

Lust in the Dark
(Blindfolded Erotica Collection)

There’s something dangerously sensuous about being blindfolded. Unable to see, other senses are heightened; touch, taste, hearing, smell – everything is so much more intense.
In the darkness, you’re completely at the mercy of your lover…or is that lovers? And what if you don’t even know who’s there?

Bestselling author Imogen Linn presents a collection of four previously published short stories comprising almost 30,000 words that will transport you into the sinfully erotic world that lies on the other side of the soft, black silk that covers your eyes.

(Blindfolded, Tied & Gangbanged)

“Will you do this for me?”

Jasmine’s boyfriend dressed her up to go out, so he could show off his hot girlfriend to his buddies. Back home, he wants to play a little game, blindfolding her for a hot session of kinky sex.
But with the blindfold on, and her hands tied behind her back, Jasmine realizes that the two of them are not alone, and that tonight’s game is a lot kinkier than she’d bargained for.

An erotic short story of approx. 7,500 words, featuring a hot, blindfolded gangbang.

A Walk on the Wild Side
(Rough Roleplay Gone Wrong)

Dressed up like a prostitute, Tricia takes a walk through the deserted warehouse district in the dead of night.
It’s all part of the game she and her husband Kevin use to spice up their marriage, taking turns to make one of their partner’s sexual fantasies come true.
Tonight, Tricia is playing out her fantasy of being a hooker, taken by force. When two men, neither of whom is Kevin, accost her in the dark, isolated neighborhood, Tricia decides that Kevin has truly raised the bar, and that her walk tonight is going to be wilder by far than she could ever have imagined.
An erotic short story of approx. 5,000 words.

All Tied Up
(Blindfolded, Handcuffed & Ravished)

Carol has prepared a special surprise for John…herself, naked, blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed, waiting for her husband to find and ravish her.

There’s just one problem – John’s not coming home tonight.
Tied and helpless, Carol tries to get her hunky, ex-military neighbor to come and help her out. Surely he would never take advantage of his sexy neighbor’s predicament…or would he?

This erotic short story of approx. 5,000 words contains hot, kinky sex between a dominant older man and a hot young wife who’s gotten herself into a sticky situation.

Melody in Lingerie
Melody 1

Melody loves lingerie

It’s the one thing that makes the socially-awkward college girl feel sexy and special.

While out shopping to indulge her secret vice, she meets a charismatic older man who gradually and skilfully seduces her.

During a steamy encounter in the store’s changing room, he brings out her submissive side, and Melody learns to see herself through his eyes.

This, the first volume in the Melody series, is an erotic short story of approx. 8,000 words.

Melody Exposed
Melody 2

Melody learns more about the new world she has discovered. Following her unseen Master’s texted instructions, Melody finds herself in the video booth of an adult bookstore, watching porn as she masturbates for an unseen audience, and learns just how far she will go.

Melody in the Dark
Melody 3

In this, her third encounter with her Master, Melody is thrilled to be invited to dine with him in his apartment. But, after the blindfold goes on, and he opens the door to a group of his friends, Melody realizes that what’s really on the menu is her, and the courses of the meal include a starter of oral, a spit-roast (well done), and a very gooey dessert.

Melody in Control
Melody 4

When Melody’s roommate, Kim, returns after breaking up with her boyfriend, she can’t believe how much Melody has changed. She learns just how deep the changes go when Melody takes control and orchestrates a steamy session of revenge sex for Kim in a nightclub. Later, Kim accidentally learns about Melody’s dark new secret life, and Melody learns some new things about Kim, in return.

Melody on Loan
Melody 5

Melody’s Master decides it’s time to show her off in public.

A trip to a fetish club leads to a sexual contest, with Melody using all her skills to try and avoid being at the mercy of the mysterious Lady Amanda.

A chance encounter in the ‘real’ world creates conflicting emotions – what can Melody do if her heart and her collar start to pull her in two different directions?

This latest episode in Melody’s story is an erotic short story of approx. 10,000 words, featuring public sex, a whipping and a threesome with a hot dominatrix and her handsome pet.

Available now at

Melody Hooked Up
Melody 6

Melody’s relationship with Lady Amanda’s sub Eric deepens, the two of them indulging their curiosity to explore kinks beyond what their Master and Mistress would approve.

Meanwhile, Melody has to overcome her jealousy and help Master enjoy the prize she won for him – the use, for a night, of a beautiful and fragile submissive. When her jealousy prompts Melody to choose a frightening anal hook to use on the girl, Master teaches her that choices have consequences.

Later, Melody takes Kim to the fetish club, and ends up having to submit to Lady Amanda in order to keep her eager but inexperienced friend safe from Lady Amanda’s whip.

This 11,000 word story is the latest episode in Melody’s BDSM journey.

The Melody Variations
Melody 1-4

The first four Melody stories, in a single collection.

The Beginning
Mesmerizing Caroline part 1

Caroline’s having problems at college. Falling grades, disciplinary issues – nothing’s going right until she starts hypnotherapy. Suddenly, everything’s turning around – her studies seem easier, and she’s happier than she’s ever been. But, why is she suddenly dressing so provocatively, and what’s this strange fascination with the adult bookstore, particularly the gloryholes in the booths upstairs?

This erotic short story of approx. 12,000 words contains graphic descriptions of oral sex, lesbian sex and gooey, messy gloryhole fun.

Previously published as: Gloryhole Hypno-Slut

The Movie Theater
Mesmerizing Caroline part 2

Caroline’s hypnotherapy sessions with the handsome Dr. Henderson are making a huge difference to her life. She’s happier now – more confident and doing much better at college.

But there’s a catch. Her growing appetite for provocative clothing and kinky sexual adventures is frightening her. What has Dr. Henderson done to her?

She can’t seem to keep away from the adult bookstore. Last time it was the gloryholes in the video booths. This time, Caroline is drawn to the adult movie theater, watching porn in the darkness until a charismatic stranger sits down next to her.

An erotic short story of 6,000 words.

Previously published as: Movie Theater Hypno-Slut

The Society
Mesmerizing Caroline part 3

Dr. Henderson’s hypnotherapy is turning her into a kinky slut, and she knows it, but Caroline’s having too much fun to care!

It’s when she comes to the attention of the mysterious organization known as The Society that she realizes there is more going on than meets the eye, and that they’ve been watching her for some time.

Her first assignment for them, a blindfolded gangbang in a luxurious hotel suite, will push her limits farther than ever before.

This short story of 12,000 words contains a girl-girl strap-on scene, an anonymous fuck in an elevator, and a scorching hot blindfolded BDSM gangbang.

Previously published as: Society Hypno-Slut

The Contract
Mesmerizing Caroline part 4

What if, at any moment, everyone you saw around you could be actors in an erotic scenario dreamed up by the perverse minds of the world’s most powerful people?

What if even you yourself could be a character in the plot, without you even knowing it?

That’s the situation Caroline puts herself into when she accepts an offer by The Society to become one of their ‘eidolons’ – pampered sexual playthings, subject to their masters’ and mistresses’ whims.

With personas for each role installed in her subconscious by Dr. Henderson, her Svengali-like hypnotherapist, Caroline launches into her erotic double life. Her first assignment is a steamy, high-stakes contract negotiation. Being her powerful boss’s very personal assistant just became a whole lot more interesting!

An erotic short story of approx. 11,500 words.

Mesmerizing Caroline 1-4

The first four stories in the ‘Mesmerizing Caroline’ series, collected in a single volume.
Caroline is a troubled college girl, in mandatory hypnotherapy after punching a fellow student. Dr. Henderson’s hypnotherapy works a miraculous transformation, enabling Caroline to sail through her college life with ease, and giving her a happiness and self-confidence she’s never known before.
But there are side-effects. She starts dressing more provocatively, and indulging a new-found fascination with sexual adventures, some in a nearby adult bookstore, others without even leaving the elevator at Dr. Henderson’s office.
Eventually, Caroline attracts the attention of The Society, a shadowy organization of ultra-rich men and women who use their power and resources to bring their most erotic fantasies to life, with Caroline as the star!

This volume of four, previously-published stories is 43,000 words of sizzling, hypnotic erotica that will have you as mesmerized as Caroline!

Pessumae Christi 1

Jenny always knew the Pessumae Christi was different from other orders of nuns. But, on the night of her secret initiation test, she finds out just how different they are as she is first stripped, bound and punished before being trained to serve by a dominant priest and four of his acolytes.

This novella-length story of approx. 23,000 words contains religious themes, bondage, whipping, domination, spanking, oral and anal sex, gangbangs double-penetration and more. May be too hot for some readers.

Pessumae Christi 2

The long-awaited sequel to the best-selling ‘Initiation’.

Jenny is now a full Sister of the Pessumae Christi, a unique order of nuns.
After her best friend explains some of the new rules she must live by (and does a very thorough quality control check on her newly-shaven pussy), Jenny is required to serve the sadistic Brother Francis whilst chained naked across an altar, before being sent for a visit to her hometown priest to show him just what she’s learned.

Confessing her sins has never been so much fun!

This erotic short story of approx. 14,000 words contains religious themes, bisexual nuns, dominant priests, bondage, whipping, spanking, oral and anal sex and more.

Hot & Hard

When her husband Mark lost his job, Julie kept the two of them afloat by using her pole-dancing hobby to get a second job in a strip club.

Mark seemed very happy about having a stripper wife, always pushing her to go farther and do more with the customers. But, Julie was a happily married woman who took her marriage vows seriously.
When she finds out Mark’s been cheating on her, Julie takes her revenge by putting on a sizzling performance that shows Mark just what he’s always wanted, and exactly what he’ll never have again.

This story of a wife’s red-hot revenge is approx. 7,300 words of scorching sex, on stage and in public.

Daddy’s Gloryhole Secret
Amber’s Secret 1

Amber wants Jason in the worst possible way. But her mom’s hunky ex still thinks of her as just a little girl.
When she secretly follows Jason into an adult bookstore and learns about his secret gloryhole fetish, Amber comes up with a plan.
Maybe she can have the man of her dreams after all – as long as he doesn’t find out!
An erotic short story of approx. 7,500 words featuring hot step-father/step-daughter gloryhole oral sex.

Volume 1

A collection of four scorching hot gangbang stories.

24,000 words of gangbang action featuring the following, previously-published stories.

Available now at

Frat-House Gangbang

Chloe and Brad are the perfect couple – the homecoming queen and the star quarterback. But, when Brad goes away to college, Chloe worries she might lose him to some pretty co-ed, especially when she hears about all the wild frat house parties. What’s a country girl to do? Why, get her ass over there and prove to Brad that anything some co-ed slut can do, she can do better, of course.

But, can Chloe really do everything it takes to stand by her man?

Daddy’s Little Cam-girl
Tammy 1

Paul’s smoking hot, nineteen year old step-daughter is home for the holidays, and he can’t understand why she’d rather spend her evenings alone in her room than go out with friends.
When he discovers that she’s a performer on his favorite cam-girl network, he can’t resist getting a private show. But their relationship soon goes far beyond cam-girl and customer, even if she has no idea who he is.

An erotic short story of approx. 6,200 words.

Daddy Gets Caught
Tammy 2

Tammy has a dirty little secret.

She’s a webcam girl, performing nasty video sex shows for her perverted clientele, catering to their every depraved whim as they jerk off and watch her.

Her step-father, Paul, knows all about it. In fact, he’s her number one customer – doing to her all the things he’s dreamed of, without her knowing who he is … at least, Paul doesn’t think she knows…

An erotic short story of approx. 4,500 words.

Double-teamed MILF
Stephanie 1

Stephanie is a hot, newly-single soccer mom renting a room to two college boys. When the boys’ date storms out in disgust, Stephanie discovers it’s because they’d suggested giving her a DP. As the evening progresses, Stephanie realizes that it’s not just her two empty beds the guys are eager to fill.

An erotic short story of approx. 5000 words

Gangbang MILF
Stephanie 2

Stephanie is enjoying her sessions of hot sex with her two college-boy lodgers. In fact, she’s worried she might be getting addicted to being double-teamed. Thinking that four must be twice as good as two, she gets them to invite some friends over, but can she really take on four hot college guys, all by herself?

An erotic short story of approx. 5,500 words

Dogging Slut

Anita controls men – her beauty and her smoking hot body turning them to willing servants. But, the tables are turned and she gets blackmailed into driving to an isolated parking lot and putting on a sex show for a group of random strangers. The experience unlocks a deep, dark desire that she didn’t know she had – the desire to be used as nothing but a fuck-toy slut.

This is an erotic short story of approx. 7,500 words.

Gangbang Slut

Michelle travels to finally meet her online Master, so that he can help her realize her deepest, darkest fantasy – to be blindfolded and given to a group of unknown men to be used as their sex slave. Now, that fantasy is about to become a reality, and Michelle has to decide if she can really go through with it, and be used as the gangbang slut she has dreamed of being.

This is an erotic short story of approx. 4,500 words

Mile-high Slut
Jane 1

Jane spends half her life on business trips. Luckily, she and her husband Steve have plenty of swinger friends to fuck while they’re apart, sometimes using a live video-call so they can share the action. When Jane finds out that Tony, the hunky flight attendant, is also in the lifestyle, she lets him take her upstairs in the plane, and initiate her into the mile-high club in sizzling style.

This is an erotic short story of approx. 4,500 words.

Webcam Gangbang
Jane 2

Jane and Steve are swingers, both having lots of dirty, sexy fun with their friends while Jane travels on her frequent business trips. When she has to miss Steve’s birthday, Jane arranges for him to watch her via webcam as she puts on a special birthday performance, just for him. With a group of horny guys to satisfy, she has her work cut out for her as Steve watches her in her first ever gangbang.

This is an erotic short story of approx. 7,200 words

Strip for Daddy
Stacy 1

Stacy has always had a thing for her step-father. She couldn’t bear it if he found out she’s been stripping, and more, to pay her way through school. Carl has caught himself lusting after Stacy, and the guilt and shame are getting to him. When a ‘no holes barred’ stripper is hired for his company party, Carl and Stacy find themselves in a role-play scenario with a difference.

This is an erotic short story of approx. 11,500 words

DP for Daddy
Stacy 2

This is a short, sex-only story following immediately from ‘Strip for Daddy’. Stacy, in her disguise as Candy, the stripper, gets thoroughly fucked by her step-father and his four friends, ending with Stacy having all her holes filled at once, while she takes care of another cock in each hand. Sex, sex, sex and more sex (oh, and did I mention the sex?)

A highly-explicit erotic short story of approx. 2,500 words

Clusterfucks: Threesomes

Welcome to the Clusterf*cks series:
Three writers.
Three collections.
Three stories.
From leading erotica authors Annabel Bastione, Imogen Linn and Polly J. Adams come three volumes of scorching hot erotic fiction.
Threesomes. We’ve all thought about it. The lucky ones among us have done it, and the really lucky ones do it all the time!
Go on – you know you’ve always been curious.
From three top erotica authors come three hot tales of three hot lovers indulging everyone’s favorite fantasy.

Big in Japan

A large, well-built, blond American businessman in Japan takes a break from his work, relaxing in a beautiful open-air hot spring bath. He hears two young girls giggling nearby, as they discuss his huge .. build. Step by step, he seduces them, and the girls indulge their curiosity, culminating in a sizzling threesome as their tight pussies are filled beyond anything they’ve ever known.

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