Daddy’s Gloryhole Secret

Daddy’s Gloryhole Secret
Amber’s Secret 1

Amber wants Jason in the worst possible way. But her mom’s hunky ex still thinks of her as just a little girl.
When she secretly follows Jason into an adult bookstore and learns about his secret gloryhole fetish, Amber comes up with a plan.
Maybe she can have the man of her dreams after all – as long as he doesn’t find out!
An erotic short story of approx. 7,500 words featuring hot step-father/step-daughter gloryhole oral sex.


That’s when she saw Jason’s car pulling up on the other side of the road. At first, she wasn’t sure it really was him – a lot of people drove SUVs like his – but then she saw him get out of the car.
Perhaps he’d felt the same way about his night out with the boys as she had about her gig. Amber was about to shout and wave when she saw Jason give a quick, almost furtive glance around before going into the shop he’d parked in front of – a large, brightly-lit adult bookstore.
Funny, Jason had always seemed kind of uptight about sex – last night and this morning’s conversation were perfect examples. But, it looked like he had a bit of a secret kink, after all.
Amber crossed the street to get a closer look.
Through the glass storefront, she saw Jason smile and exchange a few words with the pretty girl behind the counter. So this obviously wasn’t a one-time thing. Jason had been here before.
As she watched, Jason handed over some cash to the girl, in exchange for a handful of some kind of coins or tokens, then he headed to the back of the store and up a flight of stairs, out of Amber’s view.
Burning with curiosity, Amber pushed open the door of the shop and stepped inside.
It was a lot bigger than it had seemed through the window. Racks of DVDs, magazines and sex toys stretched the length of the shop, with quite a lot of customers browsing. Not all of them were men, either – there were couples and even a few single women in the store.
The girl Jason had chatted to looked up from the book she was reading behind the counter, giving Amber a friendly smile. She was pretty, with dusky skin, a silver ring through her nose, and a spiky hairdo in a startling, electric shade of blue. Her name was Elise, according to the name-tag she was wearing.
“Hi there, haven’t seen you here before.”
“No. I…er. I just moved here.”
“Then welcome. How can I help you, honey?”
“I don’t know. I guess I’m just curious. What’s upstairs?”
“Well, there’s the movie theater. But it’s Wednesday, so tonight all the action is in the video booths. It’s kind of an unwritten tradition around here that Wednesday night is gloryhole night.”
“What’s a gloryhole?”
Elise grinned. You know, I think you’re the third pretty young thing to ask me that, in the last few months. I should suggest to the owner that he change the name of the store to Gloryhole Virgins R Us.
“Anyhow, we have little booths upstairs with these coin-operated TVs for people to watch porn, OK?”
Amber nodded.
“Well, the walls between the booths are really thin, and in some of the booths there’s a hole about yea big cut through the wall.”
“But then, people from one booth could see each other, couldn’t they? Don’t the guys want privacy while they’re…you know?”
“Oh, you’re just adorable! Sometimes you’re right, sweetie. That’s why we have a couple of booths without gloryholes. But a lot of people, and it’s definitely not just guys by the way, want to interact through the holes, whether that’s watching each other, or more.”
“Uhuh. The holes are about this big,” Elise made a circle with her fingers, a few inches across, “and they’re about this high off the ground,” she held her palm at roughly waist height, “so use your imagination, honey.”
Amber thought about this for a little while, then felt heat rising up her neck to her face as she blushed.
“I…I see, I think.”
“Hey, you want to take a look?”
“What, go up there, you mean?”
“I don’t know…I mean, maybe.”
“Here.” Elise handed Amber a fistful of tokens.

About imogenlinn

I write erotic stories, often with a BDSM twist. I was born in Chicago in the 80s (no, I'm not telling you what year - a girl has to have some secrets). I was always a bit of a wild child. My stories are mostly about good girls who end up submitting to dominant, older men. (Autobiographical? Who, me?) I try to write my sex raunchy, and make the situations and characters believable. For me, if there's no build-up, or I read something and think, "But, she wouldn't do that!" then it kills the experience. I write about encounters and situations that turn me on and get me hot. Some of them are (loosely) based on things that really happened, others are based on things I only wish had happened!
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