Exodus (Pessumae Christi 4)

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Volume 4 in the ‘Pessumae Christi’ series.
Jenny demonstrates the unique nature of the Pessumae Christi to some important visitors, under the watchful eyes of her Master, and learns more from Brother Francis about her own desires when he makes her dominate and punish her best friend…and she likes it.
Jenny learns that Father Sinclair is using her as a reward – passing her around his most favored acolytes. This pleases her greatly, but be careful what you wish for. Jenny learns this lesson well when she discovers it’s not only her Master who can offer her to his friends. The enigmatic Bishop Carmichael reenters her life, only to turn it upside down.
This 16,000 word story continues Jenny’s erotic journey, and features searingly-hot FFM and MMF encounters where both Jenny, and her friend Claire, are pushed to their limits.

Warning: If you are offended by the idea of dominant, lecherous priests having their wicked way with slutty, submissive nuns, this story is probably not for you.


At precisely eight, she rapped on the door.
“Come in, my dear.”
The warmth of the office contrasted sharply with the chill from outside, and Jenny felt herself relaxing as she stepped across the threshold into the familiar room. A fire crackled cheerfully in the hearth, and Jenny saw two figures, who had been seated in the armchairs before it, rising to stand as she entered. But, as he always did, her Master commanded all of her attention. Her breath caught in her throat as his piercing gaze bored into her, holding her in place like a pin in a butterfly, impaled by the steel of his regard.
He rose to stand behind his desk.
“Welcome, Jenny. Perfectly prompt, as ever, and very presentable.”
She blushed at Father Sinclair’s gentle reminder of when she had entered his office wearing nothing but a collar and leash, meant to demonstrate her unswerving devotion to him, but which had backfired dramatically because Father Sinclair’s old friend, and now superior in the Order, Bishop Carmichael, had been visiting with him.
This time, Jenny felt far more comfortable as she took a closer look at the two men beside the fire.
They seemed young, perhaps in their late twenties or early thirties. Jenny herself was barely twenty-one, but completely oblivious to the irony that she considered these two men ‘young’.
She did a double-take as she studied them, her green eyes widening. They were exquisite, with jet-black hair in short, tight curls set above grey eyes that were studying her with as much interest as she was studying them. Both had aquiline noses and full, sensuous lips of a red so deep Jenny almost thought they were wearing lipstick.
But, that wasn’t what had startled her. The two men looked exactly the same, their appearances so similar that they could only be identical twins.
“Jenny, please allow me to present Brothers Francesco and Alessandro, emissaries from Rome.”
She curtsied, bowing her head respectfully as she mumbled something suitable.
“Gentlemen, this is Sister Meretrix – Jenny – the most perfect flower of our Order.”
Jenny blushed scarlet at such high praise from her Master, even as it warmed her to the tips of her toes. Praise from Father Sinclair was rare and precious, and such an extraordinary compliment was unheard of. But, she didn’t know who these men were, or why they were here, and Jenny had begun to learn that, although worldly concerns were not supposed to matter inside the Order, politics seemed to be an exception to that rule.
She kept her gaze downcast and her mouth shut. Whatever Father Sinclair wanted her to know, he would tell her. For now, if he wanted her to be a “perfect flower”, then that’s exactly what she would be.
The twins responded in Italian, the musical language making it sound as though they were singing. Jenny didn’t speak the language, but she had enough church latin to catch a few words and make educated guesses.
“Che bella ragazza!”

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About imogenlinn

I write erotic stories, often with a BDSM twist. I was born in Chicago in the 80s (no, I'm not telling you what year - a girl has to have some secrets). I was always a bit of a wild child. My stories are mostly about good girls who end up submitting to dominant, older men. (Autobiographical? Who, me?) I try to write my sex raunchy, and make the situations and characters believable. For me, if there's no build-up, or I read something and think, "But, she wouldn't do that!" then it kills the experience. I write about encounters and situations that turn me on and get me hot. Some of them are (loosely) based on things that really happened, others are based on things I only wish had happened!
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4 Responses to Exodus (Pessumae Christi 4)

  1. mikey2ct says:

    Yay ! Are you working on Volume 5?

  2. Holly says:

    When is the 5th book coming out? I really want to read it.

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