Revelation: Pessumae Christi 2

The long-awaited sequel to the best-selling Initiation.

Jenny is now a full Sister of the Pessumae Christi, a unique order of nuns.
After her best friend explains some of the new rules she must live by (and does a very thorough quality control check on her newly-shaven pussy), Jenny is required to serve the sadistic Brother Francis whilst chained naked across an altar, before being sent for a visit to her hometown priest to show him just what she’s learned.

Confessing her sins has never been so much fun!

This erotic short story of approx. 14,000 words contains religious themes, bisexual nuns, dominant priests, bondage, whipping, spanking, oral and anal sex and more.


The chapel was better lit than it had been on the night of her Initiation. The altar was surrounded by candles, creating a warm glow at the chapel’s heart.
Approaching the altar, she saw that there were some modifications – heavy chains had been fixed at its corners – chains whose purpose was clear. Her mouth went dry as she imagined herself in those chains, her naked body stretched across the altar.
More equipment had been laid out on a table. Jenny’s heart skipped a beat as she recognized the collar and leash she had been made to wear, along with other items, like the riding crop Brother Francis had taken such delight in applying to her pale skin.
Brother Francis interrupted her study of his tools.
“Welcome, slut. I wasn’t sure you would come.”
Jenny kept her eyes modestly downcast.
“I would never disobey the Order, Brother Francis.”
“I’ve been looking forward to tonight for some time, Jenny – or, should I say, Sister Meretrix?”
“Whichever it pleases you to call me, Sir.”
He seemed to approve of her respectful tone.
“Jenny it is, then,” he continued. “Your Initiation was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. But, as I’m sure you are aware by now, my tastes are a little more…particular than those of my fellows. So I’ve been looking forward to the two of us spending some quality time together.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Brother Francis, dark eyes were intense. Along with the sharp, angular beak of his nose, they gave him the appearance of a bird of prey. His stare was definitely predatory, making Jenny feel like some small, furry creature, fragile and vulnerable.
“You said, at the time, that you shared some of those same tastes, Jenny. Did you mean that?”
There was a long pause while Jenny tried to sort through the welter of conflicting emotions that were roiling inside her.
“Honestly Sir, I don’t know. At the time, yes, I meant it. But now…now I truly don’t know. I’m sorry if that is not the answer you wanted, Sir.”
“Don’t be sorry, my dear.”
Jenny caught her breath in surprise, both at the endearment and at the kindness in his tone. Brother Francis had never been anything other than coldly dismissive of her until now. For him to speak to her with such warmth was completely unexpected. She glanced up, briefly meeting his eyes before dropping her gaze back to the floor as he continued.
“Truth between us, Jenny. Always. Simply promise me that, and there will never be a need for sorry.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“I am a sadist, Jenny. It gives me sexual pleasure to inflict certain kinds of pain and degradation on a woman. But I am not a torturer. If the experience is not mutually satisfying – pleasurable for her as well, in its own way – then I am not interested. The careful use of pain can bring the right person to heights of pleasure beyond imagining. But it has to be the right person.”

“Very good, Jenny,” Brother Francis replied, favoring her with a smile that spread warmth down to her toes.
His voice became hard and commanding once more. The tone sent a thrill of fear through Jenny as the warm and strangely kind man who had revealed himself to her was once more hidden behind the familiar harsh mask. Or, was it the other way around? Was the warmth and kindness the mask, and had she just willingly offered herself to a man of coldness and cruelty?
“Strip, slut.”

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Movie Theater (Mind Control Erotica)

Mesmerizing Caroline – The Movie Theater
Mesmerizing Caroline – part 2

Caroline’s hypnotherapy sessions with the handsome Dr. Henderson are making a huge difference to her life. She’s happier now – more confident and doing much better at college.

But there’s a catch. Her growing appetite for provocative clothing and kinky sexual adventures is frightening her. What has Dr. Henderson done to her?

She can’t seem to keep away from the adult bookstore. Last time it was the gloryholes in the video booths. This time, Caroline is drawn to the adult movie theater, watching porn in the darkness until a charismatic stranger sits down next to her.

An erotic short story of 6,000 words, previously published as: Movie Theater Hypno-Slut

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Revenge: Hot & Hard

When her husband Mark lost his job, Julie kept the two of them afloat by using her pole-dancing hobby to get a second job in a strip club.

Mark seemed very happy about having a stripper wife, always pushing her to go farther and do more with the customers. But, Julie was a happily married woman who took her marriage vows seriously.
When she finds out Mark’s been cheating on her, Julie takes her revenge by putting on a sizzling performance that shows Mark just what he’s always wanted, and exactly what he’ll never have again.

This story of a wife’s red-hot revenge is approx. 7,300 words of scorching sex, on stage and in public.


Now she was up on stage, having just started her routine. Julie searched the crowd whenever she could, her eyes straining to pierce the darkness around the stage, looking for that familiar figure … there. Mark was standing in the audience, smiling up at her – he’d even brought flowers. He must have been feeling guilty again about fucking that little chippy behind her back … perfect
Julie climbed back onto the pole, making it spin slowly around, gripping it between her thighs and laying back, her arms spread wide. Reaching behind her back, she untied her bikini top, pulling it off to cheers from the audience and dropping it to the floor – so far, so normal.

Julie had been dancing at this club for months, so the regulars in the crowd knew what to expect. Showing them her boobs was always the last part of her act, and Julie could sense their surprise when she carried on dancing, strutting up and down the stage with tits bouncing, her fingers holding the ties of her bikini bottoms.
She teased the crowd, mercilessly – tugging the strings a little and then shaking her head and turning her back to the crowd as if to walk away. She put one hand up by her ear, as if to help her hear the cheers, gesturing ‘more, more’ with her other hand. She got what she wanted. The crowd roared, lots of them shouting, “take it off” as a small flurry of bills flew onto the stage.
Julie found Mark’s face in the crowd, and kept her eyes on his as she slowly pulled on the strings to undo her bikini bottoms, letting them fall to the ground to stand on stage wearing nothing but a pair of stripper heels.
She was surprised not to feel more nervous than she did – after months of dancing topless, going completely nude didn’t seem like all that big of a deal. Julie did enjoy all the cheers and applause though, she pranced up and down the stage, flashing her ass and pussy to the crowd. She had nowhere for them to tuck their bills, now. So, when she crawled to the edge of the stage to collect her tips, Julie would let the guys touch her as she collected each bill – letting them stroke the smooth curve of her ass or brush her nipple with their fingertips. It was a real thrill to let a crowd of strange guys feel her up like this, and Julie was soon tingling from the sensations of all the hands touching her body. Her eyes sparkled, and her cheeks were flushed.
Gradually, she raised the temperature of her performance – not just showing off her body but running her hands over her skin. Cupping her breasts as if offering them, tweaking her nipples, pinching and tugging the tender buds until they stood out, hard and proud.

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Initiation: Pessumae Christi 1

Jenny always knew the Pessumae Christi was different from other orders of nuns. But, on the night of her secret initiation test, she finds out just how different they are as she is first stripped, bound and punished before being trained to serve by a dominant priest and four of his acolytes.This novella-length story of approx. 23,000 words contains religious themes, bondage, whipping, domination, spanking, oral and anal sex, gangbangs double-penetration and more. May be too hot for some readers.


Father Sinclair’s eyes stayed locked to hers as Jenny spread the robe wider, her nipples hardening as she exposed her firm full breasts to the gaze of the Father and his four acolytes.
She took her time, attempting to delay the moment she would be totally nude before them. But, all too soon she was forced to reveal herself, the robe slipping off her shoulders and dropping to pool around her feet, her body completely displayed for the first time in her life.
All her life, Jenny’s parents had taught her that her body was dirty and shameful, and that only by renouncing it completely could her soul be saved.
Her first and only sexual experience seemed to confirm this – it had been an awkward and painful experience, made a thousand times worse when her parents came home early and discovered her in the act.
Utterly horrified, they had immediately taken her to see Father McAdams, begging him tearfully to save their daughter’s soul.
Jenny had always been afraid of the Father. As a child, his fire and brimstone sermons had made her tremble with fear every Sunday. But, in her private sessions with him, she discovered he had another side – kind and gentle.
Disagreeing with her parents, he had taught her that her body – her beauty – was a gift from God. He read to her from the bible, quoting the Song of Songs.
“Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle, that feed among the lilies.
“Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a master hand.”
His approving words had warmed her inside, his praise confirming to Jenny that, more than anything, she wanted to dedicate her life to the service of God.
Father McAdams had recommended the Pessumae Christi, and had invited his friend, Father Sinclair, to come and interview her.
Jenny had been shy and tongue-tied in front of this charismatic man, certain that she had fumbled this opportunity. Nonetheless, Father Sinclair had accepted her into the order not just warmly, but almost gleefully.
He had loudly and enthusiastically congratulated Father McAdams on finding such a perfect candidate for the order, and promised him that Jenny would be sent back to visit him, once she had completed her training. This seemed to make Father McAdams very happy, and there was a twinkle in his eye as he wished her farewell, and said he looked forward very much to their next meeting.
Now, as she stood naked in front of Father Sinclair and four strange men, Jenny remembered Father McAdams words of praise for her beauty. No, not his words, the words came from God – words of praise for her full, rounded breasts, whose pink nipples were very hard as she straightened, resisting the urge to cover herself with her hands. Instead, Jenny squared her shoulders, unconsciously cocking her hip, pale skin glowing in the candlelight as she modestly looked down at the stone floor.
Her slender figure seemed almost doll-like compared to the bulky, black-robed shapes surrounding her.
She heard a soft, seemingly involuntary murmur from Father Sinclair.
“Like two fawns, indeed.”
She drew in a sharp breath as she recognized the phrase, smiling to herself at the tone of his voice – pleased to be the cause of such a reaction.
“Very good, child. Your obedience is commendable.”
Jenny’s breasts rose as her chest swelled with pride at his praise, her small smile widening until she heard him continue.
“However, I detect the sin of pride, which cannot be tolerated. So, Jenny, you will be given a lesson in humility … Restrain her!”

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Gangbangs – Volume 1

A collection of four scorching hot gangbang stories.









24,000 words of gangbang action featuring the following, previously-published stories.

Available now at

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Frat-House Gangbang

Chloe & Brad are the perfect couple – the homecoming queen and the star quarterback. But, when Brad goes away to college, Chloe worries she might lose him to some pretty co-ed, especially when she hears about all the wild frat house parties.

What’s a country girl to do? Why, get her ass over there and prove to Brad that anything some co-ed slut can do, she can do better, of course.

But, can Chloe really do everything it takes to stand by her man?

Warning: This erotic short story of approx. 7,800 words contains graphic descriptions of oral and anal sex, exhibitionism and a sizzling gangbang finale!


I got there early. It was a really long ride on the bus, and I wanted to have time to freshen up before the party. I found the frat-house easily, and texted Brad to look out the window while I stood on the front lawn, waving. His face was a picture, although he didn’t seem quite as pleased to see me as I’d hoped. I think the thought of me actually seeing for myself what went on at one of these frat parties made him nervous.
Good – that was kind of the point, after all.
We went up to Brad’s room, so I could take a shower and a nap after the journey.

His frat brothers seemed a lot happier to see me when I came downstairs, later – probably because of my outfit.
I’d decided that, if Brad wanted a slutty girl, then that’s what I’d be for him. So, I had attacked some old jeans with a pair of scissors, and turned them into a pair of tight shorts. They really were short, too – at least half of my bare ass was on display, and a tiny thong was the only underwear I could possibly wear with them. Aside from the shorts, I was wearing my white boots and a tight white tank top that left most of my stomach bare.
I was getting a lot of very friendly smiles from Brad’s friends. I guess frat boys really like sluttily-dressed blonds showing off their long legs and a lot of skin – who knew?
Brad introduced me to a few of his housemates, whose names I promptly forgot, but he was pretty busy getting things ready for the party, so we didn’t get much of a chance to talk.
I could tell he was pretty uncomfortable having me around, though – too goddamn bad.

When the party finally got started, it was actually a lot of fun. There were so many people there that even that huge house felt quite crowded, and the people were a lot more … normal, I guess, than I had thought they’d be.
I’d imagined that everyone would be really smart, and that I’d feel like a stupid country bumpkin around them. But it wasn’t like that, at all – they were just a regular bunch of guys and girls, exactly like I was used to hanging out with at home.
Well, not exactly, I guess. None of the kids I knew at home smoked dope, for a start. The air was so thick with the smoke that I felt a little dizzy – or that might have been the beer. I didn’t usually drink very much, so I tried to remember to take it easy.
I even saw Kelly, who was the girl Brad told me about – you know, the one they’d ‘pulled a train’ on. Brad pointed her out to me. I know it was probably stupid, but I couldn’t help feeling a little jealous, even though Brad told me yet again that he’d just watched and not participated.
At first, the party didn’t seem particularly wild. Sure, there was a lot of drinking and stupid games about who could drink a whole beer the fastest – pretty much what you’d expect when people our age party. But, as the night went on, things did start to heat up.
I heard a loud cheer from a group of guys on the other side of the room, which turned out to be some girl losing a drinking game and her forfeit was to take off her shirt. Pretty soon there were lots of girls walking around in their bras – those who were wearing bras, anyway – and guys naked from the waist up. Nice eye candy, for the most part.
I decided I wasn’t going to be playing any drinking games, tonight. I didn’t have anything on under my thin tank top, and my nipples were already really obvious.
Mine weren’t as obvious as Kelly’s, though. She was one of the girls who’d lost her shirt, and what do you know, she wasn’t wearing a bra – what a shocker.

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Beginning

Caroline’s having problems at college. Falling grades, disciplinary issues – nothing’s going right until she starts hypnotherapy. Suddenly, everything’s turning around – her studies seem easier, and she’s happier than she’s ever been. But, why is she suddenly dressing so provocatively, and what’s this strange fascination with the adult bookstore, particularly the gloryholes in the booths upstairs?

Warning: this erotic short story of approx. 12,200 words contains graphic descriptions of oral sex, lesbian sex and gooey, messy gloryhole fun.

Previously published as: Gloryhole Hypno-Slut

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Daddy Gets Caught

Tammy has a dirty little secret. She’s a webcam girl, performing nasty video sex shows for her perverted clientele, catering to their every depraved whim as they jerk off and watch her. Her step-father, Paul, knows all about it. In fact, he’s her number one customer – doing to her all the things he’s dreamed of, without her knowing who he is … at least, Paul doesn’t think she knows…

An erotic short story of approx. 4,500 words


“I’ve got a special treat for both of us tonight, Daddy,” Tammy teased from the screen, “I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time, and it’s making me so wet.”

“Sounds interesting, what is it?”

Tammy was on her bed, wearing some of the bondage gear Paul had bought for her – a black leather collar with matching leather cuffs at her ankles. Her wrists were bare, although he had bought her matching leather cuffs for those, too. She had her ‘toy box’ next to her, on the bed.

“It’s a surprise, Daddy. I’ll tell you in just a little while. First, I have to get myself ready for you.”

She took the nipple chain from the box, testing the spring-loaded clamps at each end between her thumb and forefinger, squeezing to open the clips and then letting them close with an audible snap.

“Remember this, Daddy? Do you remember how much it turned you on the first time I put this on for you?

“God, that hurt so much it made me cry – and you loved that, didn’t you, you bad, bad Daddy?”

Paul watched, mesmerized, as Tammy let the jaws of one clamp after the other close over the hard nubs of her erect nipples. Each time, she let out a soft gasp as the clamps pinched her tender flesh.

“I’m used to it now, Daddy. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret,” she looked around, theatrically, leaning closer to the camera, “I love it. I love it when you hurt me, Daddy. I love being your little pain-slut.”

The chain swung back and forth, hypnotically, as Tammy swayed her body in time to the soft music that was playing in her room. As she knelt on the bed, her whole body raised up in front of the camera, Paul marveled again at just how stunning she was. Her body was lean and toned from years and years of dancing, and the leather collar and ankle-cuffs were stark against her pale skin as she ran her hands seductively over her skin.

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Daddy’s Little Cam-girl

Paul’s smoking hot, nineteen year old step-daughter is home for the holidays, and he can’t understand why she’d rather spend her evenings alone in her room than go out with friends.

When he discovers that she’s a performer on his favorite cam-girl network, he can’t resist getting a private show. But their relationship soon goes far beyond cam-girl and customer, even if she has no idea who he is.

An erotic short story of approx. 6,200 words.


With a dry mouth, and a serious hard-on, Paul clicked the button to request a private show. Within a few seconds, the spinning wheel on the screen was replaced by a full-screen video feed showing … Tammy?
What the hell?
Paul almost fell off his chair in his hurry to click the button that shut down the feed.
His mind whirled. Heart pounding, Paul pulled open the drawer in which he kept his emergency writer’s inspiration – a bottle of Irish whiskey and a tumbler. His hands were shaking so hard he barely managed to pour himself a shot and toss it down. The liquor burned its way down his throat, and he sipped a second shot slowly, gradually calming down.
At least, this solved the mystery of why Tammy was spending almost every evening of her summer holidays alone in her room, ‘reading’. It also explained how she seemed to have plenty of money for clothes without having a job, not to mention the steady trickle of packages that arrived for her, and that she would never open in front of him.
Paul pictured his little Tammy giving private cam shows upstairs in her bedroom – strange men jerking off in front of their computers as she did all the lewd things he always asked his cam-girls to do. Image after image raced through his mind, each more vivid than the last, of his little girl performing the nastiest sex acts he could think of, for men she would never see. Men just like him.
Paul froze, the glass halfway to his lips. His sweet daughter was ‘slutgirl69’ and she was a cam-girl for anonymous men.
Paul’s hand seemed to be moving by itself, as if it were some creature acting on its own volition. He watched his hand as it slid the mouse across the desk, the pointer clicking once again on the button that would start the show.
The video feed flickered back to life. The picture on his large widescreen monitor was crystal clear, showing his Tammy kneeling on her bed upstairs, wearing nothing but a sheer bra and panties, black with white lace trim, he noted, absently. She had makeup on, now – her eyes were dark and seductive, with pink lipstick and gloss that made her mouth shine, wetly. Music was playing softly – he could hear sound from her end, but he preferred to communicate via keyboard, from his side, so she couldn’t see or hear anything from him except whatever he typed.
Tammy pouted, prettily, as she posed for the camera.
“Well, hello again. You left so abruptly, I thought you didn’t like me.”

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Gangbang MILF

Stephanie is enjoying her sessions of hot sex with her two college-boy lodgers. In fact, she’s worried she might be getting addicted to being double-teamed.

Thinking that four must be twice as good as two, she gets them to invite some friends over, but can she really take on four hot college guys, all by herself?

An erotic short story of approx. 5,500 words, featuring hot and graphic descriptions of rough oral sex, double-penetrations and a sizzling gangbang.


Stephanie had dressed appropriately for both the weather and, she hoped, the occasion, wearing just short shorts over a small bikini that showed off her ample breasts. But now, she was getting frustrated. She had four hot guys in her living room, and nothing at all was happening.

Dave and Jacob were friends of Josh and Ben. Dave was short and stocky, typical for a member of the college wrestling team. Jacob was tall and slender, with skin the color of milk chocolate. Both had been round to the house several times before, and from conversations with Josh and Ben, Stephanie knew that both of them were very attracted to her. According to Josh, they had jumped at the chance to come over, when it was explained to them what they were coming over for!

But, now that they were here, they seemed to be really nervous, and nothing whatsoever was happening. Everyone was just sitting around, all waiting for someone else to make the first move, and Stephanie was getting thoroughly exasperated.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

She went and stood in the center of the room, looking down at Dave and Jacob as they sat  side by side on the couch. The two of them looked up at her, startled expressions on their faces, like puppies, she thought.

“Why are you here, guys?”

“We… er.”

“Josh and Ben said that you…”

They stammered, clearly at a loss for words.

“Did you or did you not come here because Josh and Ben told you I wanted all four of you to fuck me?”

They looked at each other, unable to meet her eyes. Then, their Adam’s apples bobbed up and down as both boys swallowed, nervously, before giving quick nods.

“OK, great. Well, I’m glad we’ve managed to clear that up, then.”

Stephanie started to unbutton her shorts, slowly, taking her time. She smiled, inwardly, as she saw both Dave and Jacobs’ eyes locked on her fingers as she unfastened one button after another, then slid the shorts down her thighs until they dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them.

The bikini top went next. Stephanie lifted her hands up to her neck, the motion lifting her firm breasts and thrusting them forward. She took hold of the ties holding it closed and slowly pulled, repeating the process for the ties behind her back, and then dropping the small scrap of fabric to the floor.

As her breasts swung free, she lifted her hands to cup them, briefly, tweaking her nipples. According to Josh and Ben, Jacob had once tried to bet them a hundred dollars that her breasts weren’t real. Now, she caught his eye, smiling, archly.

“By the way, Jacob .. one hundred percent natural.”

With a hand at each hip, she took hold of the ties at either side of her bikini bottoms, holding an end of each between her thumb and forefinger, exaggerating the movement as she slowly pulled. The bows became smaller and smaller, until they popped free. As the last item of clothing dropped to the floor, Stephanie stood there, stark naked, her hands on her hips. Dave and Jacobs’ eyes were practically popping out of their heads.

“Now then, boys, I’m going to my bedroom.

“Anyone who wants to fuck should follow me.”

With that, Stephanie stalked out of the room, putting an extra sway into her hips as she walked out the door, feeling the eyes of every man in the room on her naked body.

Although outwardly calm, Stephanie’s mind was in turmoil. She simply couldn’t believe what she’d just done. Never in her entire life could she have imagined doing something as brazen as this. It was almost as if some wanton stranger had taken over her body, and she felt a kind of horrified fascination as she watched herself break one self-imposed rule after another. She could feel shocked giggles trying to bubble up from her chest, and fought to keep them suppressed, knowing that if she started to laugh, she’d never be able to stop.

Josh and Ben felt no such confusion, and the two wasted no time following her, leaving Dave and Jacob alone on the couch. The two boys looked at each other for a long moment, then both jumped hurriedly to their feet and followed everyone else.

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