A Walk on the Wild Side

Dressed up like a prostitute, Tricia takes a walk through the deserted warehouse district in the dead of night.
It’s all part of the game she and her husband Kevin use to spice up their marriage, taking turns to make one of their partner’s sexual fantasies come true.
Tonight, Tricia is playing out her fantasy of being a hooker, taken by force. When two men, neither of whom is Kevin, accost her in the dark, isolated neighborhood, Tricia decides that Kevin has truly raised the bar, and that her walk tonight is going to be wilder by far than she could ever have imagined.
An erotic short story of approx. 5,000 words.


“Maybe she’s got the cash on her, not in the purse,” the blond one piped up.
“Good point. Show us what’s under the jacket, honey.”
I crossed my arms, hugging myself. These guys were good. The way they were looking at me, as if I were just prey, was sending a thrill of fear down my spine. It was only adding to my excitement, but I wanted to play my role properly.
“Look, that’s all I’ve got, OK? Just take it and leave me alone.”
“Looks like she needs some encouragement, Rick.”
The blond one, Rick I guess, got behind me and grabbed my shoulders. Like I was going to be running anywhere in these sandals.
“C’mon baby, show us what you got.”
I shook my head, my eyes on the dark one since he seemed to be the leader out of the two.
Rick chuckled behind me.
“Stubborn, isn’t she, Kyle?”
So that was the dark one’s name, huh? It suited his brooding, slightly menacing look.
Kyle became a lot more menacing when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. The snick of the blade flicking out when he pressed the button sounded a lot louder than it should have done. It gleamed in the night, sending my pulse up yet another notch.
“OK, OK. Look, just don’t hurt me…please?”
The quavering note of fear in my voice was entirely feigned, and my fingers trembled as I found the zipper of my jacket. I pulled it down slowly, gradually revealing the pale inner curves of my breasts as I held the sides as closed as I thought Kyle would let me get away with.
He made an impatient gesture with the knife, and I knew he wasn’t going to let me get away with anything. I pulled the two sides of the jacket open, my nipples hardening under his heated gaze as I exposed myself to him in the cool night air.
While his attention was held by my boobs, I slowly started to slip off my sandals, staying on tiptoe so that Rick, behind me, wouldn’t notice either. I was getting ready to make a run for it, even though I had every intention of getting caught, and the risk of stepping on something sharp seemed a lot better than the outright certainty of breaking an ankle if I tried to run in these ridiculous shoes.
Kyle stepped closer as he gave a low, appreciative whistle.
“Looks like you were telling the truth, huh?”
The blade of the knife was cold as he placed the flat of it against my skin, and I couldn’t help jumping. He started to slowly stroke the blade downwards, not cutting me or hurting me in any way, but making it very clear that he could if he wanted to.
The blade of the knife traveled slowly down over my stomach. I kept my eyes on Kyle, watching his face as he watched the knife.
“Still, even if it’s not in your jacket, you could still be hiding tonight’s take somewhere else, couldn’t you?”
I held my breath as he slid the tip of the knife under the waistband of my skirt. I didn’t think there was any way I could have hidden a nickel under a skirt that short, but I don’t think that was really the point. I tried to suck in my stomach and make myself as thin as I could, to leave as much space as possible for the knife blade to avoid my skin.
I felt the skirt’s waistband pressing into my back as Kyle pulled back on the knife, then the blade had cut through the material and the skirt fell to the floor.

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Melody on Loan

Melody’s Master decides it’s time to show her off in public.

A trip to a fetish club leads to a sexual contest, with Melody using all her skills to try and avoid being at the mercy of the mysterious Lady Amanda.

A chance encounter in the ‘real’ world creates conflicting emotions – what can Melody do if her heart and her collar start to pull her in two different directions?

This latest episode in Melody’s story is an erotic short story of approx. 10,000 words, featuring public sex, a whipping and a threesome with a hot dominatrix and her handsome pet.


It was calmer and quieter inside the VIP area, farther away from the pounding beat of the music. The two of them were ushered to a small table where her Master sat while Melody knelt at his feet on a thoughtfully provided cushion.

She was not the only one in this position. When she glanced around the room, Melody’s eyes fell upon a male sub, kneeling next to his Mistress.

His beauty took her breath away.

He was like a Greek statue brought to life. His startlingly blue eyes met hers for a moment, before he lowered his gaze. He knelt, motionless, keeping his eyes on a point on the floor in front of him.

He wore nothing but a harness of leather straps that only served to accentuate the smooth, muscular planes of his body. His skin had been oiled, so that his body gleamed in the warm, yellow glow of the spotlights dotted around the ceiling. Melody stared, unable to tear her gaze away from this blond Adonis. She didn’t even notice his Mistress until the elegant woman rose gracefully to her feet, and led her slave toward their table.

She was taller than Melody would have been without her boots, although some of that was due to the high spiked heels of the blood-red shoes she was wearing. She was curvaceous where Melody was slender, and carried herself with an aura of power and self-confidence to which Melody could not help but respond.

Melody hated the woman immediately.

“How simply delicious to see you again.”

The woman greeted Melody’s Master with a smile, holding out a pale, delicate hand for him to kiss. He rose politely to his feet, bowing as he pressed his lips to her skin.

“And you, Lady Amanda. What a delightful surprise. I see you’ve found yourself a new pet.”

“Isn’t he beautiful? Your lovely little slut certainly seems to think so.”

Melody felt herself redden as both of them turned to look at her.

“Oh, look she’s blushing. How simply adorable! Do say you’ll lend her to me?”

Melody’s heart pounded as her Master’s face took on a thoughtful expression. Surely, he couldn’t possibly be considering it…could he? She held her breath as she waited for him to reply.

“Forgive me, Lady. Melody is not yet ready.”

Melody blushed deeper as she felt the full force of Lady Amanda’s gaze focused on her for the first time. The Mistress’ deep, dark eyes promised pleasure and pain, and had an intensity that made Melody wonder just what it would be like to be at her mercy.

For a brief moment, she wanted it.

“She looks ready to me. In fact, she looks positively eager.

“How about a little wager? Winner gets to borrow the loser’s pet for one night.”

Melody’s Master smiled, “Thank you for the generous offer, Lady. But as you know, my tastes do not include other males.”

“I do have other pets, you know. Admit it, you’ve had your eye on my Annabel for quite some time.”

Lady Amanda reached down, caressing Melody’s cheek. Looking into her eyes, she slid her hand down Melody’s body, cupping her breast then taking hold of one of Melody’s nipples and gently pinching it, making her gasp. Melody cursed herself for the way she responded so readily to this woman’s touch.

“Oh, how much fun it would be to make you scream for me, little pet. Still, if your Master has not trained you properly…”

The implied criticism of her Master was the last straw.

“What’s the wager?”

Melody saw a look of triumph flash in the other woman’s eyes, and felt a wave of disapproval from her Master, but it was too late now.

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Hypnotica – Mesmerizing Caroline 1-4

The first four stories in the ‘Mesmerizing Caroline’ series, collected in a single volume.
Caroline is a troubled college girl, in mandatory hypnotherapy after punching a fellow student. Dr. Henderson’s hypnotherapy works a miraculous transformation, enabling Caroline to sail through her college life with ease, and giving her a happiness and self-confidence she’s never known before.
But there are side-effects. She starts dressing more provocatively, and indulging a new-found fascination with sexual adventures, some in a nearby adult bookstore, others without even leaving the elevator at Dr. Henderson’s office.
Eventually, Caroline attracts the attention of The Society, a shadowy organization of ultra-rich men and women who use their power and resources to bring their most erotic fantasies to life, with Caroline as the star!

This volume of four, previously-published stories is 43,000 words of sizzling, hypnotic erotica that will have you as mesmerized as Caroline!

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Contract

Mesmerizing Caroline – The Contract
Mesmerizing Caroline part 4

What if, at any moment, everyone you saw around you could be actors in an erotic scenario dreamed up by the perverse minds of the world’s most powerful people?

What if even you yourself could be a character in the plot, without you even knowing it?

That’s the situation Caroline puts herself into when she accepts an offer by The Society to become one of their ‘eidolons’ – pampered sexual playthings, subject to their masters’ and mistresses’ whims.

With personas for each role installed in her subconscious by Dr. Henderson, her Svengali-like hypnotherapist, Caroline launches into her erotic double life. Her first assignment is a steamy, high-stakes contract negotiation. Being her powerful boss’s very personal assistant just became a whole lot more interesting!

An erotic short story of approx. 11,500 words.


Caroline headed for the office on the twenty-sixth floor to which she had been instructed to report. On the way, she returned several more friendly greetings from people in the office.
How many people had The Society employed, just for this one scenario? Did all of them know who she was and what she was doing here? Or, were they simply greeting her because she was wearing a company ID card, and so they just assumed she was a new colleague? It was bizarre, almost like being a spy or something.
When she reached the office, Caroline knocked, as instructed, and entered.
The man behind the desk looked every inch the successful executive. He was powerfully built and wearing an impeccably tailored suit. Caroline wondered how much of this was real, and how much had been staged. Did he really work here? The office seemed a little too ordinary to belong to one of the secret masters of the universe. Then again, perhaps he was another actor, and not a member of The Society at all.
Caroline stepped into the office, giving a slightly nervous smile to the man behind the desk. He watched her approach, then spoke slowly and deliberately, carefully enunciating each word.
“The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails.”
Caroline was just about to ask him to repeat himself when she felt it – that darting, silver thing in her mind rushing to the centre of her awareness. A surge of energy rushed through her, every inch of her skin tingling as her mind’s eye exploded with silver light.
The role she was to assume settled over her, as if she had donned a costume, but one that went on beneath her skin. It was a bizarre feeling – a little like acting, but vastly more.
She, the ‘real’ Caroline, was still completely present and conscious, but it was as if she were an observer now, watching the new Caroline, Caroline Jenkins, from a quiet corner of her mind.
Mr. Taylor was watching her, his eyes intent on her face. Caroline struggled to master her confusion, forcing herself to relax and allow the new persona to take control.
She knew exactly who she was. Caroline Jenkins, personal assistant to John Taylor, the CEO of Taylor Industrial. Today was the final meeting to sign the contract for a deal that could mean the difference between survival and oblivion for the whole company.
“Good morning, Miss Jenkins. You’re just in time.”
The investors would be here any minute, she realized – a wealthy foreign businessman, Diego Salazar, and his son, Carlos.
Mr. Taylor had warned her that they might expect more than the normal business courtesies.
Caroline didn’t know exactly what he’d meant by that, but she had assured him that she was willing to do whatever was necessary to save the company.
The Salazars made Caroline uncomfortable. Throughout the negotiations, Caroline had often looked up to find Carlos staring at her, his lewd thoughts written clearly across his face. His father was little better. Diego Salazar was obviously accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, and it seemed he wanted Caroline.

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Society

Dr. Henderson’s hypnotherapy is turning her into a kinky slut, and she knows it, but Caroline’s having too much fun to care!

It’s when she comes to the attention of the mysterious organization known as The Society that she realizes there is more going on than meets the eye, and that they’ve been watching her for some time.

Her first assignment for them, a blindfolded gangbang in a luxurious hotel suite, will push her limits farther than ever before.

This short story of 12,000 words contains a girl-girl strap-on scene, an anonymous encounter in an elevator, and a scorching hot blindfolded BDSM gangbang.

Previously published as: Society Hypno-Slut


When the stylists had finished, Aurelie led her into the master bedroom. Draped over the bed was a set of sheer, black hold-up stockings. Next to them was a box containing a pair of elegant high-heeled sandals in shiny blood-red leather.
Caroline slipped on the stockings under Aurelie’s enigmatic gaze. It felt very intimate, being watched while she adjusted the stockings at the tops of her legs, the smooth fabric sliding over her skin like a lover’s hands. Caroline was well past the point of being surprised that the sandals fit her perfectly.
Aurelie let her stand there for a long moment, wearing nothing but stockings and heels, before opening the door of the walk-in closet to reveal a red silk evening dress hanging inside.
Caroline couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief. For a moment there, she’d thought the stockings and shoes were all she would be allowed to wear.
The dress was fabulous, its plunging neckline revealing a generous amount of cleavage, with two thin straps passing over her shoulders, leaving the full expanse of her back exposed down to the tops of her buttocks. It was slit high on one side, exposing the top of her stocking and a small triangle of creamy thigh.
Aurelie fastened a simple strand of black pearls around her neck, with matching teardrop pearls at each ear.
Finally, Caroline was allowed to see herself when Aurelie took her by the hand and led her to stand before the full-length mirror. What she saw made Caroline gasp. The woman in the mirror was utterly stunning. Her hair was in a complex arrangement on top of her head, a few curls artfully descending to frame her face. Her skin seemed to glow, her lips, dress and shoes shining the same deep scarlet, the black pearls like glistening drops of night against her pale skin.
Aurelie’s faint smile held a warmth that Caroline hadn’t seen before.
“As I said, we accomplish something, no?”
Caroline’s voice was a breathy whisper as she gazed, spellbound, at the exotic creature she had become, “No…I mean, yes. Is that really me?”
Aurelie looked at her watch, resuming her brisk, businesslike manner.
“Come, it is time.”
She lead Caroline downstairs. The lights had been dimmed in their absence, and the nighttime view of the city through the floor to ceiling windows was truly spectacular.
A single spotlight shone down, creating a circular pool of light on the floor, the way the most precious sculpture in an art gallery might be displayed.
Aurelie led her into this circle of light, then stepped behind her. She placed a strip of black silk across Caroline’s eyes, tying the blindfold securely at the back of her head. The sudden darkness brought home to Caroline that everything until now had merely been preparation, and that the main event was yet to begin.
She felt Aurelie’s breath warm against her skin as she murmured into her ear, “Remember, ‘Elevator.’”
Caroline nodded, swallowing around a lump that had appeared in her throat.
She felt the other woman’s lips brush gently against her cheek.
“Bon courage, ma cherie.”
Then her footsteps, growing fainter as she walked away, leaving Caroline standing alone in the dark.

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Beginning

Caroline’s having problems at college. Falling grades, disciplinary issues – nothing’s going right until she starts hypnotherapy. Suddenly, everything’s turning around – her studies seem easier, and she’s happier than she’s ever been. But, why is she suddenly dressing so provocatively, and what’s this strange fascination with the adult bookstore, particularly the gloryholes in the booths upstairs?

This erotic short story of approx. 12,000 words contains graphic descriptions of oral sex, lesbian sex and gooey, messy gloryhole fun.

Previously published as: Gloryhole Hypno-Slut


Just like last week, the session seemed to end far too soon. Dr. Henderson had noticed the changes in her, and Caroline felt herself blushing a little when he’d told her how nice she looked. There had been a twinkle, deep in his eyes, when he looked at her. She wasn’t sure exactly what that look had meant, but she realized that maybe he wasn’t all that old – not really.
He asked about her week, and particularly about the pendant, seeming very pleased with her progress. During the session, he taught her some meditation and breathing exercises, to help her concentrate and maintain her focus. As her chest rose and fell with each deep in and out breath, Caroline noticed how awkward her bra felt – it was really restrictive and cumbersome. She’d never realized before just how confining and uncomfortable it was.
At one point, Dr. Henderson had corrected her, when she fidgeted during the meditation practice. Caroline felt a tingle inside at the stern note of command in that deep, rich voice, and a pulse of warmth from the pendant. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her, and felt a flush of excitement, mixed with just a little bit of fear.
Then he had lit the candle again, and his voice had washed over her, as before. She still couldn’t remember the details, but she knew he had been praising her, at the beginning, and had given her more suggestions for ways she could be even better.
Caroline felt a flush of warmth every time she thought about agreeing with his suggestions, whatever they had been, and promising to do everything he told her. It was funny that she couldn’t remember, now, exactly what she had been agreeing to. Still, she seemed to be doing well enough – Dr. Henderson said so. Whatever the suggestions had been, she was sure they’d come back to her, when the time was right.
The elevator was crowded again. She supposed it always was, at this particular time of day. She squeezed in, eagerly, waiting with some anticipation as the car resumed its descent. Sure enough, she soon felt a hand on her ass, again. The material of her dress was much thinner than her jeans, and she could feel the warmth of the man’s hand – she was pretty sure it was a man. This time, Caroline wiggled her ass, pushing back against the hand and grinning to herself. She felt the press of his fingers as he squeezed her firm cheek.
Her way back to college took Caroline through a slightly seedy part of town, past liquor stores, pawn shops, adult movie theaters and even a large shop selling sex toys and porn. Last week, Caroline had hurried past, her eyes resolutely down-turned, and a disapproving expression on her face. Today, though, she was more curious. OK, her parents wouldn’t have approved – her upbringing had been quite strict, in that regard – but, they weren’t here, were they? Besides, she was a grown woman, now. It was time for her to decide for herself what she did and didn’t approve of. The pendant seemed to agree with her, growing warm against her skin.
The entrance to the adult movie theater looked dark and mysterious, but the sex shop was brightly lit, with a colorful display in the large windows. Caroline stopped to look, curious about the strange collection of items on display – various bizarre-looking things made of plastic, rubber, metal and even glass.

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Movie Theater (Mind Control Erotica)

Caroline’s hypnotherapy sessions with the handsome Dr. Henderson are making a huge difference to her life. She’s happier now – more confident and doing much better at college.

But there’s a catch. Her growing appetite for provocative clothing and kinky sexual adventures is frightening her. What has Dr. Henderson done to her?

She can’t seem to keep away from the adult bookstore. Last time it was the gloryholes in the video booths. This time, Caroline is drawn to the adult movie theater, watching porn in the darkness until a charismatic stranger sits down next to her.

An erotic short story of 6,000 words, previously published as: Movie Theater Hypno-Slut


On her next visit to Dr. Henderson’s office, Caroline was dressed much more appropriately. It was a simple outfit – the ridiculously short tartan skirt showed off her pert ass and her long slender legs, made to look even longer by the high platform heels that clicked merrily across the tiles as she walked down the hall. The skirt was so short that she had to walk carefully to avoid flashing passersby, particularly since, as usual, she wasn’t wearing any underwear today. The air felt so good on the smooth, freshly-shaven lips of her pussy. It was a deliciously naughty feeling, and Caroline had had to fight the urge to deliberately part her legs as she rode the bus to get here, the impulse to display herself and watch the faces of the other passengers when they saw her had been very strong.
A plain white blouse completed the outfit. It was nothing fancy, but Caroline liked the way it hugged her figure and emphasized her breasts. She’d deliberately gone for a size too small, and left it unbuttoned low enough to show a generous amount of cleavage.
The pendant Dr. Henderson had given her nestled between the smooth curves of her breasts. It was one of his hypnotherapy techniques. During her first session, Dr. Henderson had told Caroline that a lot of her frustration and anger came from repressed thoughts and feelings – things she was keeping bottled up inside, or things she wanted but wasn’t allowing herself to do. He’d given her the pendant, and used hypnosis to plant suggestions deep in her mind. Whenever she was repressing something – maybe something she wanted to do, but was holding back – the pendant would grow warm. It wouldn’t really, of course – it wasn’t magic. But the suggestions he’d planted in her subconscious mind would make it feel that way, to her.
Caroline had started playing a game in her mind where she imagined that the pendant was a magic bottle with a naughty imp trapped inside it … a very naughty imp.
She would talk to it sometimes – asking its opinion about her plans for the day. She would often let it choose her clothes in the mornings, too. She would pick one item after another from her closet, while holding the pendant in her hand to feel the pulse of warmth that meant it approved of something. It was a fun game, although she usually had to moderate its suggestions – she couldn’t really go to classes wearing just a baby-doll nightie and high heels, for example, no matter how much of a thrill it was to imagine doing so.
There had definitely been a trend though. Caroline was dressing much more attractively these days – provocatively, even – which her classmates, and even some of her professors, had obviously noticed.

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Daddy’s Gloryhole Secret

Daddy’s Gloryhole Secret
Amber’s Secret 1

Amber wants Jason in the worst possible way. But her mom’s hunky ex still thinks of her as just a little girl.
When she secretly follows Jason into an adult bookstore and learns about his secret gloryhole fetish, Amber comes up with a plan.
Maybe she can have the man of her dreams after all – as long as he doesn’t find out!
An erotic short story of approx. 7,500 words featuring hot step-father/step-daughter gloryhole oral sex.


That’s when she saw Jason’s car pulling up on the other side of the road. At first, she wasn’t sure it really was him – a lot of people drove SUVs like his – but then she saw him get out of the car.
Perhaps he’d felt the same way about his night out with the boys as she had about her gig. Amber was about to shout and wave when she saw Jason give a quick, almost furtive glance around before going into the shop he’d parked in front of – a large, brightly-lit adult bookstore.
Funny, Jason had always seemed kind of uptight about sex – last night and this morning’s conversation were perfect examples. But, it looked like he had a bit of a secret kink, after all.
Amber crossed the street to get a closer look.
Through the glass storefront, she saw Jason smile and exchange a few words with the pretty girl behind the counter. So this obviously wasn’t a one-time thing. Jason had been here before.
As she watched, Jason handed over some cash to the girl, in exchange for a handful of some kind of coins or tokens, then he headed to the back of the store and up a flight of stairs, out of Amber’s view.
Burning with curiosity, Amber pushed open the door of the shop and stepped inside.
It was a lot bigger than it had seemed through the window. Racks of DVDs, magazines and sex toys stretched the length of the shop, with quite a lot of customers browsing. Not all of them were men, either – there were couples and even a few single women in the store.
The girl Jason had chatted to looked up from the book she was reading behind the counter, giving Amber a friendly smile. She was pretty, with dusky skin, a silver ring through her nose, and a spiky hairdo in a startling, electric shade of blue. Her name was Elise, according to the name-tag she was wearing.
“Hi there, haven’t seen you here before.”
“No. I…er. I just moved here.”
“Then welcome. How can I help you, honey?”
“I don’t know. I guess I’m just curious. What’s upstairs?”
“Well, there’s the movie theater. But it’s Wednesday, so tonight all the action is in the video booths. It’s kind of an unwritten tradition around here that Wednesday night is gloryhole night.”
“What’s a gloryhole?”
Elise grinned. You know, I think you’re the third pretty young thing to ask me that, in the last few months. I should suggest to the owner that he change the name of the store to Gloryhole Virgins R Us.
“Anyhow, we have little booths upstairs with these coin-operated TVs for people to watch porn, OK?”
Amber nodded.
“Well, the walls between the booths are really thin, and in some of the booths there’s a hole about yea big cut through the wall.”
“But then, people from one booth could see each other, couldn’t they? Don’t the guys want privacy while they’re…you know?”
“Oh, you’re just adorable! Sometimes you’re right, sweetie. That’s why we have a couple of booths without gloryholes. But a lot of people, and it’s definitely not just guys by the way, want to interact through the holes, whether that’s watching each other, or more.”
“Uhuh. The holes are about this big,” Elise made a circle with her fingers, a few inches across, “and they’re about this high off the ground,” she held her palm at roughly waist height, “so use your imagination, honey.”
Amber thought about this for a little while, then felt heat rising up her neck to her face as she blushed.
“I…I see, I think.”
“Hey, you want to take a look?”
“What, go up there, you mean?”
“I don’t know…I mean, maybe.”
“Here.” Elise handed Amber a fistful of tokens.

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Mesmerizing Caroline – The Society

Mesmerizing Caroline – The Society
Mesmerizing Caroline part 3

Dr. Henderson’s hypnotherapy is turning her into a kinky slut, and she knows it, but Caroline’s having too much fun to care!

It’s when she comes to the attention of the mysterious organization known as The Society that she realizes there is more going on than meets the eye, and that they’ve been watching her for some time.

Her first assignment for them, a blindfolded gangbang in a luxurious hotel suite, will push her limits farther than ever before.

This short story of 12,000 words contains a girl-girl strap-on scene, an anonymous encounter in an elevator, and a scorching hot blindfolded BDSM gangbang.

Previously published as: Society Hypno-Slut

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Clusterfucks: Threesomes

Welcome to the Clusterf*cks series:
Three writers.
Three collections.
Three stories.
From leading erotica authors Annabel Bastione, Imogen Linn and Polly J. Adams come three volumes of scorching hot erotic fiction.
Threesomes. We’ve all thought about it. The lucky ones among us have done it, and the really lucky ones do it all the time!
Go on – you know you’ve always been curious.
From three top erotica authors come three hot tales of three hot lovers indulging everyone’s favorite fantasy.

Office Bondage F*ck Party by Annabel Bastione
Our nameless protagonist stays back in the office on a Friday night. Stressed from his high pressure job and his overbearing boss, he heads to the pantry for a drink. Meeting his boss, Ms Barbara Sadom, he accidentally offends her. Did he get more than he bargained for when she decides to ‘punish’ him for his ‘crimes’?

Three Times a Virgin by Polly J Adams
Jess likes to explore her sexuality; she likes to play and she’s a girl who finds it very hard to say “no”. Her husband Adam is less adventurous. He likes to fantasise. He encourages Jess in her sexual adventures and loves to hear about them afterwards. Then, chatting one night in bed, Jess realises that Adam might be open to a little more than just planning and hearing about her exploits. Maybe it’s time for Adam to get a little bit more involved.

Big in Japan by Imogen Linn
A well-built American businessman in Japan takes a break from his work, relaxing in a beautiful open-air hot spring bath. He hears two young girls giggling nearby, as they discuss his huge … build. Step by step, he seduces them, and the girls indulge their curiosity, culminating in a sizzling threesome as their tight pussies are filled beyond anything they’ve ever known.

Available Now at

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